Friday, February 27, 2009

It Rained, But We Paraded Anyway!

I attended the Atlanta Tea Party today.

Here's the slide show I created on Flickr The full photostream is here.

Or, just watch the show:

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It was drizzling lightly when I arrived, but by the time the protest started, it was really pelting down. Nonetheless, the crowd, which had to have been over 200, was of good cheer. Let me tell you, getting 200+ people together in less than a week, on a pelting rainy day was quite an achievement. Atlanta Tea Party is to be congratulated. I'm to be congratulated. Hell, the people who showed are to be congratulated. And, of course, thanks very much to the police for keeping good order and discipline.

A few people didn't get the word, and showed with placards on wooden stakes. They were politely, but firmly turned away. I alternated between handing out Obama Bucks and taking pictures. Eric Von Haessler from Q100 Atlanta showed and gave a real stem-winder of a speech. By the time he finished, I was soaked to the skin, and late in my return to work, so I fled the scene.

Anyway, it was a fun crowd, with loads of smiles.

When I got off MARTA at the Dunwoody station, I looked down to see an actual puddle around my feet. Back to work anyway.


  1. Patrick, husband and I attended. Thank you for getting us organized. You do deserve those congratulations!

  2. Thanks very much. You're very kind.

  3. Patrick, it was a great protest and lovely to meet you.


  4. Thank you, Patrick, for getting this together. You helped me greatly with information and make sure I got down there to support my country and fellow citizens.

  5. You're all very kind.

    That said, please remember that I'm one guy, helped by Michael.

    As long as the wife needs new shoes, this will always be a very part-time thing for me, and always far second to earning a living.

    The Atlanta Tea Party has a national organization behind it. You'd probably be best served throwing in with them.

  6. Patrick -

    Glad to see you there (and that you got to say "howdy" to BrendaK and Kate).

    Cheers for the slide show, too!

    I thought Mr. Von Haessler delivered the best message, hands-down.

    The only thing (aside from the weather) which I found highly unfortunate was the trotting-out of several local Republitards - who are seeking higher office - at the end of the festivities.

    As an independent voter of more than three decades, it profoundly irritated me that any pols were given a forum today. (I shall be sending a strongly-worded email to the organizers over the weekend to express my opinion.)

    [Full disclosure: from my viewpoint, both major parties in this country are so similar in the disdain with which they treat the citizenry, I have vowed to never, ever again vote for any Democrat or Republican for the rest of my life. I'm done with the lot of them.]

    Lastly, thanks again for your efforts; I need to figure-out what I can do next to shake things up.

  7. Thanks very much, Mr Arbuckle,

    Please take some time to also thank Michael Mealling, who gave me a number of tips on how to get 'er done! He was very helpful, and any mistakes were mine, all mine.

    If there's anything I take from this, it's just how easy it is to get a protest going.

    All the social networking tools exist to get things off the ground, and they're not all that difficult to integrate and use.

    My current contract is over today. I was planning to take some time and write a "How-to" pamphlet for bootstrapping Java EE projects. I may well also sit down and write up a little guide for starting a protest group.

    BTW, I don't really consider this case closed. I expect there will be many more of these. And I'll be there.

  8. I absolutely could not come today. But let's do this again! My 4 kids and I are chomping at the bit to get involved! Thanks for all the ways you contributed, Patrick! I enjoyed reading your blog posts.

    Alice in Decatur (yes, there are conservatives in Decatur!)

  9. I attended the protest today and took video of all the speakers from about 10 feet away. It's not professional quality by any means but you can hearall the speeches clearly and, except for the rain and the lady next to me that kept poking me in the eye with her umbrella, you can see the speakers fairly well. Pass these links on to others.

    Video of Jenny Beth Martin of kicking off the Protest. She did an OUTSTANDING job Hostessing the Tea Party today!

    Video of Debbie Ellis Dooley from FreedomWorks followed by GA State Director Americans for Prosperity, Jared Thomas.

    Video of Regular Guy Eric VonHaessler of Atlanta's Rock 100.5 gives an amazing speech!

    Video of GA State Insurance Commissioner and 2010 candidate for Governor, John Oxendine speaking on the steps of the Georgia State Capital today.

    Here is a link to video of some of the speakers from today, Ga State Legislators. State Rep's Austin Scott and Tom Graves, and State Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers. I'll have more as soon as I'm able to finish uploading them.

  10. We had a great time despite the weather. Of course, the monsoon made it all the more meaningful to be there. Everyone who made it showed true passion and inspiration for the next event. Thanks for getting us together!

  11. Personally, I am amazed that more than ten people turned up. Let's face it: it was a bad weather day.

  12. Hi Joanie,

    I apologize for missing that great post from you. It's been a long day, and I just got in from finishing a contract.

    So, thanks for those videos. Do you want to get involved in a protest about new TSA security regs for aircraft in the 12,500 lb range?

    If so, I'm with you!

  13. Dear Alica in Decatur,

    Please do drop in and comment when you wish. There's also a Facebook page, twitter, and email, so, go to town!


  14. Just want to also thank all the folks that showed up and hung in there through the downpour. Moms and dads with their children impressed me greatly. God bless you and the children. I hope we can give these children a decent future in America, a warm bed and hot chocolate, too.

    The event was awesome.

    Pat Ranels

  15. Great job putting this together. I actually saw some footage of ATLANTA protesters on FoxNews last night while I was walking between parties, oops, strategy sessions. The general feeling up here is that these protests have taken the elitoids by surprise and therefore there should be more! And often!

    Obi's Sister

  16. Thanks so much for all your work, Patrick! It was a pleasure working with you. I hope we get to work together again on future events

    Thanks, Joanie Scott, commenter above, for the kind words and for all the links!

  17. Hi Jenny Beth,

    I'd be perfectly happy to work with you again. Quick question: Did I ever meet you in person?

    Thanks in advance,


  18. Glad everyone liked the videos. I posted two better quality and shorter ones on YouTube of John Oxendine and Chip Rogers ("If you find a Socialist, kick 'em out!")that seem to be getting a lot of hits. Here are the links:

    Patrick, as far as getting into the TSA protest, I'd be glad to send a letter to my Congressman if you'll forward some info to me, but I'm probably not good for more than one protest at a time, lol. My Congressman is Lynn Westmoreland (R) who sits on the House Aviation Subcommittee. You may want to write him, too.

  19. Hi Joanie,

    Thanks for the note.

    I only know about the TSA thing because a buddy of mine is a private pilot, and the topic came up in conversation.

    In any event, please do stay in touch,


  20. I am so proud of all of you! And in the rain, too!

    I would have gone, but the organizers were unable to find me a ride (from Roswell) at the last minute.

    I hope there will be more of these nationwide, though, because I really want to be able to attend.

    (signing "anonymous" as I don't understand how those categories work)

    Again, you have no idea how proud and pleased I was at the turn-out! Y'all rock!

  21. Hi ther, Anonymous,

    Thanks very much!

    I must say, I prefer anonymous compliments to anonymous insults.


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