Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let's make this a permanent thing.

I'm going to make this movement a priority in my life.

That said, I need help.

I want to form a board for this thing. If you're interested, mail me at the email address to the right. If I get enough interest, I'll do it.


  1. Patrick! You MUST send pictures to Michelle Malkin! She is posting pix from all over the country and A-town needs to be listed!

  2. Whoops! Obviously I am clueless about PR. Thanks for the note.

    I just mailed the links.

    Feel free to grab whatever pictures you like off Flickr and send them along.

    Again, thaks for the note,


  3. Patrick -

    I'm certainly interested in talking with you if you're still planning on doing a non-partisan thang.

    I'll email my contact info (in case you've misplaced the business card I gave you last Sunday).

  4. I would join a forum board. Lets get it together. Please post when the next event will be held. Thanks.

  5. There needs to be Tea Party in every state and they need to happen regularly. What can we do to push this movement forward? It's time to reclaim America before it becomes a country that is beyond recognition! Any ideas out there?

  6. Patrick,
    To show the public that conservatives are serious, don't even consider holding a protest unless you have 1000 people. Nothing looks worse than holding a protest with 35 people and no one paying attention. Keep collecting names and make sure you have 1000 before starting. That will get the attention you need.

  7. So far, the widespread "tea party" events across this country have been largely ignored by the mainstream media. Sending tea bags to the White House may seem like a good idea but the USPS will most likely throw these letters away due to potential safety concerns for the White House. If the New American Tea Party wants to make an impact,otherwise it's just a simple protest that no one is interested in.

    The New American Tea Party needs to do what the Million Man March did and march to Washington's National Mall. That march made news. If the New American Tea Party wants to make a difference then they need to hold a march on Washington and invite everyone in the Nation to come. Now that will make an impact!

  8. "That said, I need help"

    Understatement of the year.

  9. Seems like you've run out of steam. Are you serious about making this your priority or not?

    I'm not a conservative, but I'm not for having someone else's hand in my wallet either.