Friday, February 20, 2009


Michael has us on Facebook.

A pitcher of 420 (Sweetwater, not the other) to that man!


  1. Lets see, we have a Facebook group, twitter account, what else do we need? An Atlanta specific logo would be good. Maybe I can do something with the peach logo we've used for Startup Weekend and BarCamp.

    We need a press release to send out to the media as well. Definitely make it non-partisan ("bipartisanship" got us into this mess).

  2. Are you free to meet tomorrow? Write me at and let's get meet up.

    In fact, let's have a meetup, if that's still available!

  3. Tomorrow won't work for me but Sunday would. meetup as in

  4. A group on looks like it costs, so I won't do that.

    So, how about Park Tavern, or Apres Diem, on Sunday afternoon?