Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's Protest!

I'm starting this in an attempt to raise the local taxpaying populace from its dogmatic slumbers, or some such.

If you want to join in, let me know.


  1. You bring the tea and I'll bring the pitch forks.

  2. I'm in!!!! Let me know what needs to be done. Going to go start the Facebook group now...

  3. Dear Michael,

    Please ping me when the FB bit is done.

    I'll go create a twitter feed,


    John. Or Patrick. Or whatever the voices currently tell me.

  4. I'm in. When, where, and what can I do to help?

  5. Facebook group:

  6. I believe there ought to be LOTS of visible protests. Let us know when and where.

    But another effective idea might be for everyone just file extensions on paying their taxes April 15. There could be no retribution by the government, because we have the right to file for an extension at least until August 15. I think if you wait until October 15, they have to give you permission and I'm not sure they'd agree to very many of those. The point is the President, the Congress, and the IRS need to feel the pinch.

  7. I'm in. Just tell me when and where and I will bring 5 friends. How do we connnect?

  8. Thanks for all the notes.

    The front page has links to Gmail, Facebook, and twitter.

    I'm currently running errands. I'll be in touch later.

  9. Most cool, do we have a time, date, location yet? I have people to contact!

    Mistress Koloth