Friday, February 20, 2009

Planning comments go here

Please post here about where to meet this weekend. Let's meet face to face and plan for next weekend, and beyond.

Let's get an idea of how many people want to be involved in planning, so we can pick a venue that can accommodate us. (Hey! Fat Matt's!)

Let's plan on meeting this Sunday.

Let's plan for a second meeting next weekend, with action to happen on Monday week.

I'd really appreciate input from a public safety person of some sort about permits. Please! If you have information about this, or know someone who does, please come forward. Thanks in advance.

PLEASE!!! Tell everyone you know about this. Pass on the blog and email address.


  1. I work a Sunday Brunch in Lilburn until at least 2 pm every Sunday. Unless we meet there, I cannot meet before 3:30.

  2. I just looked at the Atlanta city requirements for a protest/assembly. They want 30 days minumum notice. Here's the link to city requirements. I will keep looking for info.

  3. oops here:

  4. I'm not able to be available for planning this weekend, but I'd certainly like to participate. I'll be watching for details.

    -- Jack of Spades

  5. Go to the Capital. Do it on the steps of the capital. The press is down there all the time and getting there is easy.

    Here is the public space form to apply:

    Here is a link for more info:,2096,59377335_67446706,00.html

    You don't need any other permits.

    Be sure to invite some Politicians to talk. May I suggest Rep. Tim Bearden and Sen. Chip Rogers. Try John Oxendine as well. These are all fiscal conservatives and I know they'd love to attend.

    Also contact Sadie Fields at Georgia Christian Alliance Phone: 770-973-3793 E-mail: She can help get the word out.

    Contact grassroots orgs like GeorgiaCarry.Org (President@GeorgiaCarry.Org) to see if they could send an email announcement to their members.


  6. It's a protest, you don't need any stinking permits. Quit thinking like law abiding republicans and start thinking like the ACORN loons who stormed a forclosed on house and occupied it. Do you think they notified the PD before they did it? You should notify the press though. Think about it, if you snarl traffic downtown and a few protesters get thrown in Jail it will make the news. Docile conservatives holding signs and chanting in an orderly manner will not.

  7. Just a note... if Kate's cooking, we need to meet there. She's an awesome cook...

    I can meet at noon, but have to be out by 1:30 or any night next week.

  8. David Scott has a satellite office on Concord Road in Smyrna. Not the greatest spot in the world to attract media attention, but the community in that area would be very sympathetic to a taxpayer revolt.

  9. We need something symbolic

    Perhaps something humorous like a variation of the Chic-Fil-A ad but in our case Pigs saying Eat More Chickn !!

  10. If you are looking for a venue to accommodate you, how about an outhouse?

  11. Just want to make sure you are all aware of the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party this Friday, Feb. 27 to protest the Obama Administration's proposed mortgage bailout plan. Georgians will be protesting at the STate Capital at noon.

    From Michael Patrick Leahy:
    "The tea party will be held simultaneously in Chicago, Washington, DC, at dozens of locations around the US, and on Twitter, using the #teaparty hashtag."

    Go here for more details:

  12. ...and here, too:

  13. hi guys.

    i'd love to help. if someone wants to call our office, we could set up the right press connections for any march. i also have many years of street protest experience.

    let me know!!
    Barb Payne
    Executive Director
    Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation

  14. Whooooaaaa. What the hell are you protesting? Where were you when we plunged into a trillion dollar war? Where you protesting that expense? You want to protest funding american projects because your brains are incapable of analyzing a thousand pages? Who has read a thousand page book recently? How much notice have you rusty repubs gave the nation before funding us into a trillion dollar debt? How has that investment in our children's future giving dividents? Who got paid in tax cuts on that little insane project? Did Obama do it? I dooooon't think so!

  15. Hey, where were on 9/11?

    Much of the current financial crisis is due to subprime mortgages backed by Freddie and Fannie.

    In case you need a reminder, check out

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