Sunday, February 22, 2009


In the last 48 hours I've had a number of conversations about this protest, with random people I know from, oh, the coffee shop, or conterences I've attended.

What's interesting to me is the initial reaction. In all cases, it was something along the lines "Oh crap, he's a right-wing Republican nutcase. And I thought he was normal."

Persevering, and endeavoring to understand before being understood, we'd eventually began to realize that while we might have different concerns about government spending priorities, we both had concrete objections to boneheaded government spending. And in many cases, we agreed exactly on the boneheadedness.

Point being that Republicans own the issue of tax cuts, and if you say "tax cut" to a Democrat, you get the kind of reaction Dracula gives to garlic - because for good or bad, Republicans also own a lot of other issues. But if you're willing to listen, you can all end up singing koom bay ya - no - I mean agreeing on some issues, er, boneheadedness.

This is important to bear in mind as, if this becomes a partisan thing, you immediately lose 50% of your possible support.

So, despite the name you see at the top, think ot this as the "Atlanta Taxpayer Protest Against Boneheaded Government Spending That's Going To Begger The Children" and imagine tht's not the name because, well first off, who'd ever type that URL?

But, surely that's something we can all agree on.


  1. "But, surely that's something we can all agree on."

    As an opinionated, cantankerous political independent of several decades, I'm simply against what appears to be the largest theft of taxpayer funds in all of human history.

    See you at 3:00!


    Good questions we need to answer...

  3. I'm in.

    The reactions I've had from people when talking about the non-stimulus have either been in agreement that its nuts or the "right-wing nutjob". Interestingly, when I dig a little deeper, the "right-wing nutjob" people usually have no idea what is actually in the bill, only that it is "economic stimulus", so they believe it will help them.

    Anyway, I've linked to this blog on my blog, where I will fully support the cause.

  4. The protest should be focused on a given state, e.g., Georgia. We will not be able to get the folks in DC to come around. We have had 8 years of Democrats and 8 years of Republicans, same problems, different decade. Our only chance is to have our state call for a National Convention to amend the constitution and get rid of the Income Tax.

    This process will have to be repeated in each state. We did not have a Income tax until 1913 or 1916....only the rich will pay! Replace it with the Fairtax and get our country back. It can be done. Remember, the Republicans said that the Democrats would not be able to pull it off, that is, get the Constitution amended to allow the Federal Government to start the Income Tax.....Oops, they did, and now we have this mess!

  5. Will we protest the bank bailout, too?